Proven progress.

  • No mill rate increase the last five years.

  • Spearheaded ordinance update.

  • Supported blight remediation.

  • Recruited new people for boards & commissions.

  • Created atmosphere conducive to attracting more businesses.

  • $8 Million in road improvements.

Our Vision for Winsted

Six years ago our election slogan was "Believing in Winsted." 

We knew that the community had strong "bones."

We knew community members wanted a functional town and school board.

We knew we were at the precipice of growth as we stabilized from theft.

We knew we needed to shift the community's perception to thrive and become the Winsted we knew we could be.


Today, looking back at our work, we see we began as a unified group and we individually made a point of collaborating together as a "W" group instead of past party identity. We chose to be bipartisan in all that we did.


We made it a priority to hire a strong, transformational Town Manager and school Superintendent.

We set five budgets without a mill increase while at the same time investing over $8 million in local road improvement and repairs.

We were successful in welcoming volunteers to boards and commissions. We added value to the Grand List as the blighted properties we cleaned up and or removed.

And, we made it a point to do our work without fanfare, and most importantly, doing it as a group interested in what was best for our local community, not state or national politics. All of us "showed up" and did the work at community events and meetings to bring us to where we are today.

Now we are at the next step in our transformation without slowing down. Believing in Winsted 2.0. is the next push forward, because this is only the beginning for our small town. We have created an environment where people are taking chances in Winsted and leading the way. Working together is what breeds success. Working together is what makes our community special.


We ask you for another two years with our core candidates and to welcome our new candidates. 

What we have accomplished with our bi-partisan agenda has resulted in a cultural and economic rejuvenation for our town.


Re-electing the leadership on Row A ensures continuing this positive direction.


We ask for your vote on Row A, Tuesday November 2nd.